Months of Mugs Blocks of the Month - Finishing and Variations

We’re here, at the end of this Months of Mugs Quilt Block series! Seems appropriate that it falls during National Quilt Month. I hope it was fun to participate or follow along. I’m looking forward to actually using my quilt now, instead of hiding it away in case I need it!

Months of Mugs Quilt Blocks from Crafty Staci #bom #blockofthemonth #coffeequilt #seasonalquilt

There are lots of ways to finish this one, so I’ll tell you what I did but don’t be afraid to get creative with it. I cut the following from the same background I used for the blocks:

  • 22 - 3 1/2 x 12 1/2â€

  • 8 - 3 1/2 x 3 1/2â€

I added one vertical 12 1/2†rectangle between each block and on the outsides. For the top row, I alternated four squares with three vertical rectangles. I repeated that for the bottom row. Those rows looked like this:

Finished quilt with sashing and rows separated

After that it was just a matter of sewing those rows together to get this:

Finished quilt with sashing

Here’s another version to make it easier to see the sashing I added, as opposed to the background that was included when constructing the blocks:

Finished quilt with sashing and blocks washed out

If you’re using a different fabric for the sashing than the background of the blocks you might want to add another vertical row between each set of blocks. If you stick with the same size, that will increase the length of your quilt by 12â€.

As I completed it, the quilt measures 47 x 52â€. For the quilting, I had mine long armed by My Quilting Loft, and sewed on the binding myself.

Months of Mugs Quilt by Crafty Staci

When you look at something for a year and a half, you can’t help but imagine what if. How about changing the colors on the May Flower to reds, and making a Christmas mini quilt?

Christmas Mini Quilt

Maybe swapping out the colors on that same flower to some springy colors and adding a cute June Bee?

Spring Mini Quilt

Of course, there’s always sticking to one pattern and making several versions of the August Pineapple.

Pineapple Mini Quilt

How about making a block for each season using the same colors? I love this one.

Turquoise Seasons Mini Quilt

I could do this all day. But, before I wrap this up, one more variation. If you leave off the mug handle and all of the background (grey on mine) you have a 9 1/2†unfinished square! Don’t like mugs? You don’t have to have them. For a little twist, finish the edges of one block and use it as a mug mat!

Mugless Quilt

Throw a few nine patches in between and make a quilt while you’re at it. This is a little bold, but you get the idea. (And I’d totally do this!)

Mugless with Black and White Nine Patches

I supposed that’s enough playing. In case you missed it, here’s the link to all of the blocks. I’d love to see what you made with these!


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